Version: 2.67.0

How to use?

This article is a good place to start if you are looking for information on how to configure the THEOplayer Youbora integration. The THEOplayer Youbora pre-integration is part of the Analytics API, which is documented at ../../../api-reference/ On that page you will find detailed information on how to get started by setting up the Web SDK integration. An example implementation can be seen here:


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Code example

If you are configuring the Android SDK (or iOS SDK) you should use the put method. As an example, in order to achieve a similar setting as on, you would use the following:


var youbora = {
"integration": "youbora",
"accountCode": "powerqa",
"enableAnalytics": true,
"username": "THEO",
"content.title": "THEO 1 (VOD)",
"content.duration": 653,
"content.isLive": false
var SourceDescription = {
"sources": [typedSource]
"analytics": [youbora],

Android (TV) SDK

YouboraOptions youbora = YouboraOptions.Builder.youboraOptions("powerqa")
.put("enableAnalytics", "true")
.put("username", "THEO")
.put("content.title", "THEO 1 (VOD)")
.put("content.duration", "653")
.put("content.isLive", "false")
SourceDescription sourceDescription = SourceDescription.Builder.sourceDescription()

iOS (/tvOS) SDK

let youbora = YouboraOptions(accountCode: "powerqa")
youbora.put(key: "enableAnalytics", value: "true")
youbora.put(key: "username", value: "THEO")
youbora.put(key: "content.title", value: "THEO 1 (VOD)")
youbora.put(key: "content.duration", value: "653")
youbora.put(key: "content.isLive", value: "false")
let sourceDescription = SourceDescription(source : typedSource, analytics: [youbora])

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