Version: 2.67.0

How to enable Chromecast?


This article explains how to use the Chromecast feature in THEOplayer 2.X.

1. Prerequirements

THEOplayer is built in a modular way, and a THEOplayer library has a set of features enabled (e.g. HLS playback, MPEG-DASH playback, advertisements, etc.).

  1. The Chromecast feature needs to be enabled in your library. Please reach out to your THEOplayer contact to ensure that this feature is enabled.

2. Import Chromecast SDK

To allow Chromecast playback you need to include Google's Chromecast SDK, which is a JavaScript file. Please check the link below to learn how to include this library:

Once this SDK is imported THEOplayer will automatically add the Chromecast casting capability to your player.

3. Chromecast Receiver app

By default THEOplayer's receiver app will be used. If you have your own receiver app than you can overwrite this by adjusting the PlayerConfiguration's cast property.