Version: 2.67.0

How to use?

This article explains how to use the Up Next API. This API renders visual components which allow viewers to navigate to an upcoming asset, and automatically loads a new asset upon completion.


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The Up Next API is a UI feature. It's currently unavailable on all SDKs except the Web SDK because the underlying THEOplayer CSS and JavaScript modules aren't activated. This means that you also can't enable it using the guide located at How to add CSS or JavaScript files to an Android/iOS project.

Code examples


The Social Sharing API is currently only available on the Web SDK.

player.upnext.source = {
image: "//",
title: "360/VR in THEOplayer",
duration: "2:14",
link: "//"
}; = 106;

Android (TV) SDK

This API is currently not available on the Android (TV) SDK.

iOS (/tvOS) SDK

This API is currently not available on the iOS (/tvOS) SDK.