Version: 2.69.0


The articles in this section describe how to implement common use-cases related to a user-interface. These use-cases can range from adding a new button to the control bar of the default UI, to information on how to build a Chromeless UI.

The UI add-on puts a default user interface on top of THEOplayer. Among others, this UI overlays a control bar onto your video player container. In turn, this control bar contains buttons to pause the video, to go fullscreen, to adjust the volume, and more.

The default UI uses Video.js v6 under the hood. This framework allows developers to leverage the Video.js API, which - for example - facilitates the process to insert custom buttons.

There will be no default UI if the UI add-on is disabled. Developers can opt for a Chromeless THEOplayer instance, also known as a Chromeless UI. This instance doesn't have a default UI, and is well-suited for developers who want to create a custom UI from scratch.