Version: 2.69.0


THEOplayer > AdBreak

AdBreak interface

Represents an ad break in the VMAP specification or an ad pod in the VAST specification.

export interface AdBreak


adsAd[] | undefinedList of ads which will be played sequentially at the ad break's time offset.
integrationstring | undefinedThe integration of the ad break, represented by a value from the following list:
- 'theo'
- 'google-ima'
- 'google-dai'
- 'freewheel'
maxDurationnumber | undefinedThe duration of the ad break, in seconds.
maxRemainingDurationnumber | undefinedThe remaining duration of the ad break, in seconds.
timeOffsetnumberThe time offset at which content will be paused to play the ad break, in seconds.