Version: 2.69.0


THEOplayer > BaseSource

BaseSource interface

Represents the common properties of a media resource.

export interface BaseSource


crossOriginCrossOriginSettingThe cross-origin setting of the source.
hlsDateRangebooleanWhether the player should parse and expose date ranges from HLS manifests.
integrationSourceIntegrationIdThe integration ID of the source.
liveOffsetnumberThe offset in seconds used to determine the live point. This live point is the end of the manifest minus the provided offset.
lowLatencybooleanWhether the source should be played in the low-latency-mode of the player.
timeServerstringThe URL of a time server used by the player to synchronise the time in DASH sources.
useCredentialsbooleanWhether the player is allowed to use credentials for cross-origin requests.
useNativePlaybackbooleanWhether this source should be played using native playback.