Version: 2.69.0


THEOplayer > PlayerEventMap

PlayerEventMap interface

The events fired by the ChromelessPlayer.

export interface PlayerEventMap


canplayEvent<'canplay'>Fired when the player can resume playback of the media data.
canplaythroughEvent<'canplaythrough'>Fired when the player can resume playback of the media data and buffering is unlikely.
contentprotectionsuccessEvent<'contentprotectionsuccess'>Fired when the key is usable for decryption.
currentsourcechangeEvent<'currentsourcechange'>Fired when the current source, which is chosen from ChromelessPlayer.source.sources, changes.
destroyEvent<'destroy'>Fired when the the player is destroyed.
dimensionchangeEvent<'dimensionchange'>Fired when the dimensions of the HTML element changes.
durationchangeEvent<'durationchange'>Fired when ChromelessPlayer.duration changes.
emptiedEvent<'emptied'>Fired when the player's source is cleared.
encryptedEvent<'encrypted'>Fired when the player encounters key system initialization data in the media data.
endedEvent<'ended'>Fired when playback has stopped because the end of the media resource was reached.
errorEvent<'error'>Fired when an error occurs.
loadeddataEvent<'loadeddata'>Fired when the player can render the media data at the current playback position for the first time.
loadedmetadataEvent<'loadedmetadata'>Fired when the player determines the duration and dimensions of the media resource.
loadstartEvent<'loadstart'>Fired when the player starts loading the manifest.
manifestupdateEvent<'manifestupdate'>Fired when the manifest is updated.
pauseEvent<'pause'>Fired when ChromelessPlayer.paused changes to true.
playEvent<'play'>Fired when ChromelessPlayer.paused changes to false.
playingEvent<'playing'>Fired when playback is ready to start after having been paused or delayed due to lack of media data.
progressEvent<'progress'>Fired when the player loaded media data.
ratechangeEvent<'ratechange'>Fired when ChromelessPlayer.playbackRate changes.
readystatechangeEvent<'readystatechange'>Fired when ChromelessPlayer.readyState changes.
representationchangeEvent<'representationchange'>Fired when the current representation changes.
resizeEvent<'resize'>Fired when either ChromelessPlayer.videoWidth or ChromelessPlayer.videoHeight changes.
seekedEvent<'seeked'>Fired when ChromelessPlayer.seeking changes to false after the current playback position was changed.
seekingEvent<'seeking'>Fired when ChromelessPlayer.seeking changes to true, and the player has started seeking to a new position.
segmentnotfoundEvent<'segmentnotfound'>Fired when a segment can not be found.
sourcechangeEvent<'sourcechange'>Fired when ChromelessPlayer.source changes.
timeupdateEvent<'timeupdate'>Fired when the current playback position changed as part of normal playback or in an especially interesting way, for example discontinuously.
volumechangeEvent<'volumechange'>Fired when ChromelessPlayer.volume changes.
waitingEvent<'waiting'>Fired when playback has stopped because the next frame is not available, but the player expects that frame to become available in due course.