Version: 2.69.0


THEOplayer > SourceConfiguration

SourceConfiguration interface

Describes the configuration of a player's source.

export interface SourceConfiguration


adsAdDescription[]List of AdDescriptions to be queued for playback.
analyticsAnalyticsDescription[]List of AnalyticsDescriptions to configure analytics integrations for the media source.
blockContentIfAdErrorbooleanWhether the player should be blocked when an ad-related error occurs.
contentProtectionDRMConfigurationContent protection configuration.
drmDRMConfigurationContent protection configuration.
manifestMetadataTrackbooleanWhether segments in a HLS manifest should be represented by cues in a metadata text track.
metadataChromecastMetadataDescriptionChromecast metadata configuration.
mutedAutoplayMutedAutoplayConfigurationThe muted autoplay policy.
posterstringThe poster of the media source.
textTracksTextTrackDescription[]List of text tracks to be side-loaded with the media source.
timeServerstringThe URL of a time server used by the player to synchronise the time in DASH sources.
vrVRConfigurationVirtual reality configuration.