Version: 2.69.0


THEOplayer > TextTrackDescription

TextTrackDescription interface

Describes the configuration of a side-loaded text track.

export interface TextTrackDescription


defaultbooleanWhether the text track should be enabled by default.
formatstringThe format of the track, represented by a value from the following list:
- 'srt'
- 'ttml'
- 'webvtt'
- 'emsg'
- 'eventstream'
- 'id3'
- 'cea608'
- 'daterange'
kindstringThe kind of the text track, represented by a value from the following list:
- 'subtitles': The track provides subtitles, used to display subtitles in a video.
- 'captions': The track provides a translation of dialogue and sound effects (suitable for users with a hearing impairment).
- 'descriptions': The track provides a textual description of the video (suitable for users with a vision impairment).
- 'chapters': The track provides chapter titles (suitable for navigating the media resource).
- 'metadata': The track provides content used by scripts and is not visible for users.
labelstringA label for the text track.
srcstringThe source URL of the text track.
srclangstringThe language of the text track.