Version: 2.69.0


THEOplayer > TrackEventMap

TrackEventMap interface

The events fired by a Track.

export interface TrackEventMap


addcueEvent<'addcue'>Fired when a cue is added to the track.
changeEvent<'change'>Fired when a media track's enabled or a text track's mode changes.
cuechangeEvent<'cuechange'>Fired when a cue of the track changes.
entercueEvent<'entercue'>Fired when a cue of the track enters.
exitcueEvent<'exitcue'>Fired when a cue of the track exits.
readystatechangeEvent<'readystatechange'>Fired when the text track's ready state changes.
removecueEvent<'removecue'>Fired when a cue of the track is removed.
typechangeEvent<'typechange'>Fired when the text track's type changes.
updateEvent<'update'>Fired when the track updates.