Version: 2.69.0


THEOplayer > VerizonMediaResponseVodAd

VerizonMediaResponseVodAd interface

The Verizon Media response with ad information for VOD assets.

export interface VerizonMediaResponseVodAd


apiFrameworkstring | nullThe API framework, if any.
companionsVerizonMediaResponseVodAd[]List of companion ads of the ad.
creativestringThe creative identifier.
durationnumberThe duration of the ad, in seconds.
eventsRecord<string, string[]>A record of all VAST 3.0 tracking events for the ad. Each entry contains an event name with associated tracking URLs.
extensionsobject[]List of VAST extensions returned by the ad server.
fw_parametersRecord<string, string>Record of FreeWheel-defined creative parameters. Each entry contains the parameter name together with the associated value.
heightnumberThe height of the ad, in pixels.
mimeTypestringThe creative's mime type.
widthnumberThe width of the ad, in pixels.