Version: 2.69.0


THEOplayer > VerizonMediaResponseVodAdBreak

VerizonMediaResponseVodAdBreak interface

Represents a Verizon Media response with ad break information for VOD assets.

export interface VerizonMediaResponseVodAdBreak


adsVerizonMediaResponseVodAd[]List of ad information.
durationnumberThe duration of the ad break, in seconds.
eventsRecord<string, string[]>A record of all VAST 3.0 tracking events for the ad break. Each entry contains an event name with associated tracking URLs.
position'preroll' | 'midroll' | 'postroll' | 'pause' | 'overlay' | ''The position of the ad break, represented by a value from the following list:
- 'preroll': Ad break that plays before the content.
- 'midroll': Ad break that plays during the content.
- 'postroll': Ad break that plays after the content.
- 'pause': Ad break that should be shown when the player is paused.
- 'overlay': Non-linear ad break that is shown over the player.
- '': Unknown ad break position.
timeOffsetnumberThe time offset of the ad break, in seconds.
type'linear' | 'nonlinear'The type of the ad break.