Version: 2.69.0


THEOplayer > YospaceId

YospaceId type

The identifier of a Yospace's ID3 frame, represented by a value from the following list:
- 'YMID': This frame contains the media ID of the ad.
- 'YTYP': This frame contains the type of metadata.
- 'YSEQ': This frame contains the sequence number of the segment.
- 'YDUR': This frame contains the offset/duration from the beginning of the segment that contains the metadata.
- 'YSCP': This frame contains the customer-specific identifier.

export declare type YospaceId = 'YMID' | 'YTYP' | 'YSEQ' | 'YDUR' | 'YSCP';


- The format of type of metadata is 'S', 'M' or 'E', respectively for the start, middle and end.
- The format of sequence number of the segment is 'N:T' where 'N' is the segment number and 'T' is the total count of segments in this ad.


This is the first segment in an ad which consists out of five segments.

const yseqFrame = {
id: 'yseq',
text: '1:5'