Version: 2.67.0

How to play a Clear Key protected stream in THEOplayer?

This article provides a simple example of how to use Clear Key with THEOplayer.

Usually DRM system require you to specify a licenseAcquisitionURL and additional optional data (e.g.: certificate, credentials, headers). On the contrary, Clear Key does not need a DRM provider: you can provide the key(s) directly to the player (hence "clear" key) through "keys" in its LicenseAcquisitionDescription (in fact, this property is only available for Clear Key).

Alternatively, you can have the player fetch the keys from a "license server" (licenseAcquisitionURL), but really that just returns a JSON object containing the same keys. Please check also our related API documentation.

How does a sourceDescription with Clear Key look like? Look at the example below:

player.source = {
sources: {
src: "your-manifest-URL",
contentProtection: {
clearkey: {
keys: [
// your decryption key(s)

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