Version: 2.67.0

Video Clipping


THEOplayer supports playing only a selected part of a video-on-demand stream, rather than playing it from start to finish. This can be used for example to watch a single game-changing event from a sports match, highlight an important part of a long video presentation, or skip straight to the best part of a song's video clip.


The start and end of the clipping window can be controlled through the Clip API:

  • startTime and endTime, expressed in seconds

These properties are optional, and you don't need to specify both startTime and endTime. For example, you can set just startTime = 30 to have the video start at 30 seconds and play the rest of the video normally.

Basic setup

The following example shows a video clipped to start at 30 seconds and end at 60 seconds.

var player = ...;
player.source = {
sources : [{
src : '//', // sets HLS source
type : 'application/x-mpegurl' // sets type to HLS
poster: '//'
player.clip.startTime = 30;
player.clip.endTime = 60;