Version: 2.67.0

FAQ | Which error related events does the player expose?

The following overview is a summary of all error related events across platforms, and shows an example of how each one could be triggered.

APIEventUseExample / How to trigger Player API

error Triggered for media issues, NOT network issuesA poorly encoded segment

contentprotectionerror Something went wrong during DRM setupA wrong license key (but valid, so 200, not 404)

segmentnotfound (not on iOS + only for DASH) A segment was not foundA 404 returned on a segment Ads API

aderror Something went wrong during ad handlingEmpty ad tag / Adblocker Network API (Web only)


Thrown to indicate that the stream is offline

DASH   →  Take whole stream offline

HLS      →  Taking 1 segment offline is enough

Chromecast API


Thrown to indicate that there was an error while casting / trying to cast

Contains error property with more details:

  • code

  • description;

  • details

  • reason

  • type

Unplugged Chromecast power cable during castingAndroid Player API NoSupportedRepresentationFoundEvent

(Android only) Indicates that none of the provided representations is supported by the player Trying to play a 4k stream encoded in AV1