Version: 2.67.0

Sample Streams

We offer a series of HLS and MPEG-DASH sample streams that you can try with your player for testing purposes. You can use them directly on your development website along with THEOplayer. -> Thumbnails: -> Chapters:

If you are configuring THEOplayer for the first time, this page will be your first step. We will give you a quick overview about how to get started, some core set-ups and how to configure THEOplayer. THEOplayer 2.X is the second iteration of THEOplayer, which supports both HLS and MPEG-DASH.

This step-by-step guide will be a quick read and is supported by multiple examples for the configuration code that you will need to implement on your page.

If you aren't using THEOplayer yet, you can create a free trial account using the THEOportal.