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Using MediaTrack API | How to programmatically select a video track quality

This article describes how you can use the API to select a video track quality. If you select a specific quality, you overrule the ABR algorithm.

The VideoTrack API, which is a sub-API of the MediaTrack API, can be used to implement this functionality. Implementing this functionality is a common use-case for developers who want to build their own UI to toggle a specific video quality.

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Code examples

The code examples below show how to implement selecting video track qualities across SDKs.


The Web SDK leverages theMediaTrack API.

// enable a specific video track quality
player.videoTracks[0].targetQuality = player.videoTracks[0].qualities[indexOfRequestedVideoTrackQuality];
// do ABR on a set of qualities
player.videoTracks[0].targetQuality = [player.videoTracks[0].qualities[indexOfRequestedVideoTrackQuality1], player.videoTracks[0].qualities[indexOfRequestedVideoTrackQuality2]];
// set to default ABR algorithm
player.videoTracks[0].targetQuality = null;

Android (TV) SDK

The Android SDK leverages theMediaTrack API.

// enable a specific video track quality
// do ABR on a set of qualities
ArrayList<VideoQuality> selectedVideoQualities = new ArrayList<>();
theoplayer.getPlayer().getVideoTracks().getItem(0).setTargetQualities(selectedVideoQualities); // ABR algorithm only executed to qualities belonging to selectedVideoQualities
// set to default ABR algorithm

iOS (/tvOS) SDK

The iOS SDK leverages theABR API. The underlying AVFoundation stack, which THEOplayer has to use, brings along the technical limitation that you cannot select a specific video quality. Instead, you can set a maximum resolution or bitrate. 

// set preferred peak bitrate
self.theoplayer.abr.preferredPeakBitRate = 200000
// self.theoplayer.abr.preferredPeakBitRate = nil // removes any bitrate limitation
// preferredMaximumResolution supported starting from iOS 11 and above
// self.theoplayer.abr.preferredMaximumResolution = CGSize(width: 1280, height: 720)
// self.theoplayer.abr.preferredMaximumResolution = // removes any resolution limitation


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